Wednesday, 11 May 2011

_It Don't Make Sense_: We'll Meet Again

Great, this movie is one of the 100 I 'd choose to bring with me to a desert island (joke). So when I saw this post I could'nt resist and reposted it.

My thanks to Nickie Goomba of the blog "It don't make sense"

We'll Meet Again

One of my favorite satirical movies is "Dr. Strangelove" starring Peter Sellers, George C. Scott and a host of other great actors. The movie ends with an all out nuclear war - fantastic atomic explosions, billowing mushroom clouds - and a haunting refrain.

"We'll Meet Again" played at the end of the movie was sung by Dame Vera Lynn who was accompanied by a few hundred men of the RAF. I ran across this video of the song. This lovely, sentimental tune is from a different age, almost a different world.

Sometimes I feel that I was born twenty years too late. I miss my father's generation, the innocence, the music, the trust...

_It Don't Make Sense_: We'll Meet Again

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