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IDF - Israeli Defence Force

Don't Mess With IDF!

Israel Air force Air show

IAF כנפיים - חיל האויר 2007

IAF - Hava Naguila (New Version) חיל האוויר הישראלי


Ofra Haza - Shir ha-shirim be-sha'ashu'im


Im yishakeni min'shikot
pihu, mah yagid li?
al ken mikol ha'alamot
shar shirim hu li.

Im chavatzelet hasharon
la'amakim koret li
im yismachuni ba'ashishot
el shadai, shmor li.

Shir hashirim besha'ashu'im
shineicha eder ktzuvot
bli chor ustimah ban.

Shir hashirim besha’ashu’im
shir hashirim b’gil urenana
shir hashirim besha’ashu’im

Eineicha osher ledorot
barak tzochek le'or ben
al mishkavi sham baleilot
ka'avti mibeten

Umi elai, elai yavo
im lo atah harchek sham
elai tid'har kesus par'o
atah li mikulam

Al mishkavi sham baleilot
ka'avti et kulan
tz'rur hamor hafach li mar
kshedodi amar bashir
sus par'oh shekvar avar
et panav mazkir

Shir hashirim besha'ashu'im...

Kol dodi hineh zeh ba
medaleg s'vevah
kol dodi hineh zeh ba
ba be'ahavah.

Az bo n'linah bechramim
bli chov umishkanta
bo nohav k'zug yonim
kach bli de'agah

Shir hashirim besha'ashu'im.


If he shall kiss me with the kisses
of his mouth, what shall he tell me?
Indeed of all the virgins
he sings songs to me.

If the tulip of the Sharon
calls upon me to the vallies
if they shall let me lean against the stout trunks
the Almighy God, guard me.

The song of songs in amusement
your teeth are a numbered flock
without a hole or filling in them.

The song of songs in amusement
the song of songs in joy, and joyful music
the song of songs in amusement

Your eyes are bliss to generations
a laughing thunder to their light
By night there on my bed
I hurt from my stomach

And who shall come, come to me
if not you, there afar
you shall ride to me like Pharao's horse
you from among all

By night there on my bed
I hurt for all
bundle of myrrh turned sour on me
when my lover said in song
that the Pharao's horse already passed
reminds of his face

The song of songs in amusement...

The voice of my beloved, behold he comes
leaping around.
The voice of my lover, behold he comes
he comes in love.

So come let us lodge in vineyards
without a loan and without a mortgage
let's love like a pair of doves
so, without a worry

The song of songs in amusement...

"Mishehu holech tamid iti" - Someone always walks with me - Ofra Haza


Hayu yamim chamim yemey batzoret
Panai yavshu kesedek adama
Sadi kamel velo notar liktzor
Sha'alti lachashti bishvil ma

Hachoref shuv hika bi kar kacherev
Vehamabat ko sagriri bishtey enai
Umisidkey kirot nibat ha'etzev
Sha'alti lachashti ad matai

Ach le'et ere vim ru'ach erev
Ale nosher lo al gag beti
Ani yoda'at ani shoma'at
Mishehu holech tamid iti

Ani zocheret bdiduti zo'eket
Alit panai bishtey kapot yadai
Et tza'ari chilakti im pat lechem
Sha'alti ha'omnam ve'im kedai

Et tfilotai esa kach hal'ha hal'ha
Od lochashot sfatai mitoch on'yi
Ani yoda'at mishehu lema'ala
Ro'e or ashashit bachaloni


Hot days, drought days
My face was dry like a crack in the soil
My field withered, nothing left to harvest
I asked, I whispered: what for?

Winter hit me again, cold as a sword
The glaze in my eyes, so cold and rainy
Sadness stares from the cracks in the walls
I asked, I whispered: until when?

But when evening came, with the evening wind
A leaf falls on the roof of my home
I know, I hear,
someone always walks with me

I remember my screaming loneliness
I will cover my face with my two hands
I have shared my sorrow with a piece of bread
I asked: is it all worth it?

I will carry my prayers on and on
My lips whisper out of my poverty
I know, someone up there
Will see the lamp light in my window


The events in Gaza are proving to be an interesting litmus test for one's ability or inability to think in rational terms about Israel.

The Guardian, we've already demonstrated, is deep in the irrational camp that condemns Israel no matter what. This is getting worse as the hours pass; by now, the evening of the second day of Israel's attack on Hamas, they're into their obsessive mode. As anyone who has ever designed a website will tell you, the most important place on it is the upper left corner, and from there on down and right the significance dwindles; what's below the scrolling line is almost non-existent. So the Guardian this evening has filled the upper left column with a picture from Gaza, and then 14 separate links. Only beneath them all is the forlorn 15th link: Afghan suicide bomb kills 14 children. (I'm linking to their web page here, but it will change by tomorrow. I suppose I could post a print-screen of their travesty, but they're not worth the effort).

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has a long and wordy article by Jorg Bremer. Would I sign him up for an AIPAC seminar? Perhaps not, but it's a reasonable post. So we've got the top German newspaper being far more rational about the Jewish State than an important British one. Funny the way history changes, isn't it.

The BBC tells that the whole Arab world is in an uproar; the proof being that thousands participated in demonstrations today. Thousands? Out of hundreds of millions? Including this enigmatic sentence:

A suicide bomber blew himself up at a rally in Mosul, northern Iraq, killing a protester and wounding 16.

Sort of sounds as if the suicide bomber was for the Israelis, doesn't it.

Among the blogs, Juan Cole sides with the frenzied reports of al-Jezeera, always more reliable in his opinion than, say, the New York Times. His thesis: Israel is committing war crimes. Israel is committing war crimes. Israel is committing war crimes. Do I make myself clear?

Less important than Cole, but even more loony, Dianne Mason has come out of semi-retirement. The last anyone heard of her she was bemoaning Obama's choice of Secretary of State, back in November; then she went silent and one hoped perhaps she'd been knocked off by Madoff's ponzi scheme or some such. Alas, she's back, with a long article about how the Jews don't deserve a state of their own, and since they insist on having one, they do deserve anything the Palestinians try to do to them for the crime of their existence. Not much room for nuanced discussion with that one, is there?

Faux Ibrahim of Rosario, by the way, is so off the map that the best he can think about to write today is some tall tale about Israeli telephone books. Feverish, if you ask me.

taken from : Yaacov Lozowick's Ruminations (

Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?: Gaza Round Up Part One

Random Thoughts- Do They Have Meaning?: Gaza Round Up Part One

Brandi Carlile - The Story (Official Video)


All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am
But these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to
It's true...I was made for you

I climbed across the mountain tops
Swam all across the ocean blue
I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules
But baby I broke them all for you
Because even when I was flat broke
You made me feel like a million bucks
Yeah you do and I was made for you

You see the smile that's on my mouth

Is hiding the words that don't come out
And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed
They don't know my head is a mess
No, they don't know who I really am
And they don't know what I've been through like you do
And I was made for you...

All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I've been
And how I got to where I am
But these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to
It's true...I was made for you

Oh yeah, it's true... I was made for you.

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