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What You Can Do

The destruction of 27 democratic constitutions, 27 national parliaments, 14 national currencies and 14 central banks by the "European" Union has been brought about by the same forces which were twice defeated in the first 50 years of the 20th century.

These various powers have now largely achieved what they fought two world wars to attain - an integrated anti-democratic, corporatist European Superstate under German domination.

Here is what you can do to make a difference: Most of these steps can be either y reproduced in or adapted to local national circumstances:

1. See the list of companies and individuals most identified with the destruction of the free nations of Europe (British Eurofederalists on this site). Boycott the companies and vote against the individuals and tell them why and what they need to do to regain your custom or vote (i.e. reject the Euro and the European Union, withdraw from any Eurofederalist business organisations and support a common market of sovereign democratic nations).

2. Similarly note the Eurofederalist MPs listed in that section and seek to have them de-selected and defeated - regardless of their party or political beliefs. Do not forget that there is no point in voting for an MP who shares some of your political beliefs if the Parliament to which he wishes you to elect him has no constitutional power to do anything.

3. In Britain - join the British Declaration of Independence (formerly the South Molton Declaration) and force your MP to sign before the next election. You can influence him/her by pledging your vote on the website Outside Britain ensure that the same kind of campaign is run in your country. The BDI is a mode which can be adapted to other countries - so long as the people have a vote! The BDI provides a solution to the grave crisis in Europe - by forcing your elected representatives to recognise the sovereignty of the people. The BDI allows the voter to take back control of the political process. If a political party provides an equal or better constitutional policy the BDI website will certainly inform you and recommend that policy.

4. Buy and distribute the leaflets. Hundreds of thousands of these have been bought and distributed and are influencing those who do not normally take an interest in politics and do not have time to read books. Use the facts and arguments in these leaflets in your letters to the press and MPs. Those outside Britain should translate the leaflets and use them in their campaigns.

5. Engage in day-to-day political affairs - writing to the press, writing to complain to your MP, going to public meetings. Politics is a grubby game which decent people find rather pathetic and so avoid. However, when your nation, your parliament and your democracy are in danger of extinction YOU MUST ACT.

5. Fight all Proportional Representation systems of voting. In Germany the Social Democratic Party - the Party of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder - was found to be selling places on proportional representation candidate lists. In Cologne they had rewarded party supporters with well-paid jobs if they (among other favours) stepped down from their (usually high) place on the PARTY LIST.

All PR systems have lists of candidates for whom the electorate cannot vote but who nevertheless, if they are high up the list, will be elected to parliament under that system. PR systems give enormous power and patronage to the Party machine over its members and voters and therefore to the executive in Government over the Party. This naturally enhances the authoritarian nature of politics in those countries - and makes the destruction of their national constitutions rather easy, as we have seen in the European Union.

In Germany for instance the Free Democratic Party was in Government for decades without a break even though they averaged only 7-8% of the vote.

PR also means that even after the election no one knows who the Government will be - until the party hierarchies have, in smoke-filled rooms, bargained with usually small parties with less than 10% of the vote. It is at this stage that non-democratic power - like favours to trade unions and big business and the European Commission - can and do enter the equation.

All PR systems take power away from the true sovereigns - the people - and make the MP accountable not to the voters but to the party hierarchy and ultimately to the Government machine and anti-democratic corporatist interests.
taken from Free Nations :


Anyone with any familiarity at all with the reality in Israel knows that an enormous majority of Arabs living in Israel would never dream of living in Palestine were there ever to be such a country, and it's not hard to fathom their line of reasoning: Israel is a free democracy with an ever-rising standard of living (and at the moment one of the strongest currencies in the world, but that's a different matter), while the Palestinians can be relied upon to screw up whatever chances they're offered with perfect consistency. That's why there was such an outcry among Israel's Arabs when in 2004 Arik Sharon proposed redrawing Israel's border so that the towns alongside the north-western flank of the West Bank be re-mapped into the West Bank. That's why Avigdor Lieberman is perhaps the most hated and feared of all Israeli politicians in the eyes of Israel's Arabs: he advocates a similar move. (And note: not a single Arab would have to leave his home. The border would simply be moved a few miles west, leaving the homes in putative Palestinian territory... shudder...).

Life for Israel's Arabs is far from perfect and leaves much to be desired, but it's a lot better than life in any other Arab country, unless you're a millionaire Saudi sheik or a fully subsidized citizen of a Gulf State living off oil and the sweat of disenfranchised Pakistanis.

It's also a well-known but never mentioned secret that the Arabs in East Jerusalem, who aren't even full Israeli citizens, dread the day the city will be divided and they'll end up on the Palestinian side; when Israel began putting up that evil wall a few years ago, tens of thousands of Palestinians scrambled to make sure they were inside it, on the Israeli side, and not outside it, on the Palestinian side. It doesn't take much imagination to understand them: would any of you make a different choice in their situation? Of course not.

Still, having said all that, it's still a bit surprising to read that 77% of the Palestinians who have Israeli citizenship, wouldn't want to live in any other country in the world. Not in America, not in Norway, not in Australia, not even in the UK, home of the Guardian. Nope. They want to stay in Israel. Moreover, if you follow the link, you'll find lots of other interesting statistics, almost all of them positive. I recommend.

Now, if you were a person who cares about people and their well-being, a mantle often claimed by the so called Progressives, or the political Left, or Liberals, depending on the country you live in, you would be celebrating all this, and perhaps even commending Israel for having proven that Arabs actually can be productive and functioning citizens in a modern democracy even in the Mideast, and not only when they move to New Jersey, and if so they can certainly be encouraged to do so in France, Algeria, Saudi Arabia or Lebanon. But I wouldn't recommend holding your breath until the praise starts coming in, not from those people anyway.
taken from the Blog Yaacov Lozowick's Ruminations -
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