Friday, 25 April 2008


Sometimes I wonder why we go on celebrating a day that is nothing more than a remmemberance.
A sad thing to say. But the reality we live in only reinforces what I say.
What happened to all the hopes and dreams that the 25th. brought foward ?
And if we take a look around, searching for what was constructed or conquered between the following months or the meagre two years the revolution lasted, we realize that almost nothing is still standing. All things are gone, blown away by the winds of the revenging bourgeoisie.
Once again the people was tricked. Fooled by the treacherous promises of opportunists and capitalist stooges.
Oh, they left us the right to talk. We can say what pleases us with (almost)no restrictions, we can vote and (apparently) we have no censorship. But that so called conquest is not enough to stop the reactionary dictate of the rulling class.
Otherwise we should make of this day a day of Unity and Struggle. Our voices should be heard in discontentment. The streets should be taken again; not only for the singing and dancing, or the demonstration of our gratitude for the ones, who by their action, started everything in that day of April 74 - I think that those who are still alive are also disappointed - but to march against this situation.

The Flag of the Revolution should, once more, fly proudly high, leading the fight, resuming the revolution from the point it was betrayed and twisted into a lie.

If we can learn with our mistakes, certainly we can rebuild what was disbanded; rise, once again, a great mass movement. Give Hope to the People. Lead the way to victory.

That, I think, should be the proper way to celebrate the 25th. of April.
(April is Revolution ! ALWAYS !)
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