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Report - Al Qaeda Unconventional Weapons Experiment Kills 40 Operatives

An al Qaeda affiliate in Algeria closed a base earlier this month after an experiment with unconventional weapons went awry, a senior U.S. intelligence official said Monday.

The official, who spoke on the condition he not be named because of the sensitive nature of the issue, said he could not confirm press reports that the accident killed at least 40 al Qaeda operatives, but he said the mishap led the militant group to shut down a base in the mountains of Tizi Ouzou province in eastern Algeria.

He said authorities in the first week of January intercepted an urgent communication between the leadership of al Qaeda in the Land of the Maghreb (AQIM) and al Qaeda’s leadership in the tribal region of Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan. The communication suggested that an area sealed to prevent leakage of a biological or chemical substance had been breached, according to the official.

“We don’t know if this is biological or chemical,” the official said.

The story was first reported by the British tabloid the Sun, which said the al Qaeda operatives died after being infected with a strain of bubonic plague, the disease that killed a third of Europe’s population in the 14th century. But the intelligence official dismissed that claim.

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The Sun - Terrorists Killed By Own Black Death Experiment

The terrorists planned to wreak havoc on Western targets but fell victims to their own weapon, a leading expert on chemical warfare believes.

The Sun revealed yesterday that Black Death, also called the Plague, killed at least 40 fanatics at a terror training camp in Algeria earlier this month.

It was thought they caught the disease through poor living conditions in their forest hideouts.
But Dr Igor Khrupinov, of Georgia University, said: “Al-Qaeda is known to experiment with biological weapons. And this group has direct communication with other cells around the world.
“Contagious diseases, like ebola and anthrax, occur in northern Africa. It makes sense that people are trying to use them against Western governments.”

Dr Khrupinov, once arms adviser to Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, added: “Instead of using bombs, people with infectious diseases could be walking through cities.”

Black Death has been researched as a biological weapon before.


Chavez providing aid to Hamas and Hezbollah, says new book

By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent

Tags: Terrorism, Israel News

A new book published in the United States alleges that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is an active and open supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, providing the Lebanese Shi'ite militia with training for its fighters.

In "The Threat Closer to Home: Hugo Chavez and the War Against America," authors Douglas Schoen and Michael Rowan write that through his support of terror organizations and by providing safe refuge for terrorists, Chavez constitutes a real, concrete threat to the United States.

Venezeula earlier this month cut ties with Israel to protest its military offensive in the Gaza Strip. The move came shortly days after Chavez called the attacks on the Hamas-ruled coastal territory a "holocaust."
Last August the Los Angeles Times reported that Western governments fear that Hezbollah is establishing a growing number of operational cells in the South American country.

Iran is long believed to have undertaken covert activity in South America in concert with Hezbollah. The LA Times reported that the U.S. State Department believes Iranian operatives were behind two terrorist attacks in Buenos Aires - the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center building. Both attacks killed dozens of civilians and wounded scores more.


What lurks behind Iran's close relationship with Venezuela?

By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent

The Iranian effort, which has been joined by Venezuela in a joint effort to establish a strong terror base in the region, is especially palpable in countries ruled by anti-American left wing regimes such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Nonetheless, Iran has also increased its presence in Mexico and Colombia, which are considered more U.S. friendly. The rate of the increase of Iranian personnel in Mexican and Colombian embassies were described by the New York sources as "astronomical" and as "not proportional with the embassies' local requirements." Some believe that this increase is in fact in preparation for subversive activity.

In an exclusive report on the Iran-Venezuela cooperation, published by news Website Newsmax, a study conducted by Israel's Foreign Ministry is quoted as saying that 30 Iranian diplomats were dispatched to Nicaragua. A similar number was dispatched to Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

Iranian activity in Latin America is partially overt, and generally draws on local support for organizations such as the Lebanese militia Hezbollah in different areas of Latin America. The deadly terror attack at the Buenos Aires Israel Embassy in 1992 which killed 29 people, as well as the car bombing near a Buenos Aires Jewish community center which left 85 people dead in 1994, were both linked to Iranian and Hezbollah-style local cells.

During last week's U.S. Senate hearing, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates accused Iran of "subversive activity" in Latin America, saying "I'm concerned about the level of frankly subversive activity that the Iranians are carrying on in a number of places in Latin America particularly South America and Central America," Gates told lawmakers.
"They're opening a lot of offices and a lot of fronts behind which they interfere in what is going on in some of these countries," he said.

According to the UN sources, Iran is also maintaining contacts with Colombian drug smugglers and local rebel organizations, and using the smuggling routes to transfer light weaponry, ammunition and missiles to its embassies.


Israel warns of harsh response to any attack by Hezbollah

By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent

Tags: Hezbollah, Lebanon

Israel warned Hezbollah this week that it will respond harshly to any attempt to down an Israel Air Force jet over Lebanon or to avenge last year's assassination of the organization's operations officer, Imad Mughniyeh.

Israeli planes routinely fly over southern Lebanon in an effort to collect intelligence about Hezbollah activities, and Israel currently enjoys unchallenged superiority in the air. Any attempt by Hezbollah to deploy anti-aircraft capabilities would alter the balance of power to Israel's detriment.

Hezbollah blames Israel for Mughniyeh's death last February 12, though Israel has never admitted responsibility. The defense establishment was therefore on high alert Thursday as Hezbollah marked the one-year anniversary of the assassination.
Israel's message was transmitted via Michael Williams, the United Nations envoy to Lebanon, who visited Jerusalem earlier this week to meet with Israeli officials.

Foreign Ministry Director General Aharon Abramovitz, one of the officials with whom Williams met, told him that Israel would reject any effort by Hezbollah to evade responsibility for an attack originating in Lebanon by blaming other, smaller, terrorist groups. He also warned that Israel's response would target not only Hezbollah, but also the Lebanese government, of which Hezbollah is a member.

The Torah Revolution: Maybe

The Torah Revolution: Maybe

The Torah Revolution: There is only one way

The Torah Revolution: There is only one way

Parshat Mishpatim: Na’aseh V’Nishma

Parshat Mishpatim: Na’aseh V’Nishma

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Sefer Chabibi Deepest Torah: MISHPATIM: 24/7

Sefer Chabibi Deepest Torah: MISHPATIM: 24/7


The Gemara in Bava Batra, 121a, wonders why the 15 day of Av is a day of celebration, since it's not written in the Bible. A list of answers are given, one being that at the end of the war between the tribe of Benjamin and all the others (Judges 25) a vow was made never to intermarry with the sons of Benjamin; a later generation decreed, on the 15th of Av, that the vow had been for that generation, not all generations, and it was time to bury the hatchet.

Rashbam, a 12th century scholar and grandson of Rashi, fills Rashi's usual role of primary interpreter of the Gemara for this tractate. He brings the following story, from Midrash Eicha, itself a Talmudic-era exegesis:

The day the Israelites accepted the warning of ten of twelve scouts newly back for the Promised Land, whereby the Canaanites were too strong to be overcome, was the 9th of Av. Faced with this rebellion, God decreed that the 9th of Av would henceforth be a day of mourning; He also decreed that the people would wander an extra 38 years in the desert, and that none of the adults of the time would live to enter the Promised Land except Joshua and Kaleb, the two loyal scouts of the twelve.

Every year thereafter, on the night of the 9th of Av, all the adults would dig graves and sleep in them. The next morning a voice would call for them to rise, but a portion of them wouldn't - a 40th (actually, it should have been a 38th) would have died. On the 40th year, as preparations were being made to enter the Promised Land, the adults dug their graves and laid down in them; in the morning they were all still alive. Fearing they had miscalculated the date, they lay in their graves the next night, and the next, and the nex; each morning everyone was still alive. On the 15th there was a full moon (the Jewish calender is lunar), so clearly they hadn't miscalculated, and the 9th had passed without mass death. The curse had ended,and the 15th became a day of rejoicing.

This thread began, and is explained, here. Though it occurs to me to add another bit of explanation. In a way, one can say that the Jews as a group are the sum of their communal memories. Faced by thoughtless, ignorant but malicious types such as Caryl Churchill and the many millions of her fellow angry fools, these occasional Daf Yomi posts are meant to give glimpses into the richness and complexity of Jewish culture and memory.
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Roadside Rambles: Peace

Roadside Rambles: Peace
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