Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Love of the Land: Talking Point Combat: The Seven Percent

Talking Point Combat: The Seven Percent

Huffington Post Monitor
11 May '11

I'd like to address an anti-Zionist talking point that was used a lot recently on multiple threads and talk about how to combat it. Here's a post that exhibits it, we're interested mostly in the first sentence:

Anti-Zionists love to talk about how the Jews "only" owned 7% of the land in Palestine and then talk about how ridiculous it is that they ended up with so much after the dust settled. Any time one of them posts this talking point, just ask them the following: How much of the land did the Arabs own? The answer is about 10% of the land. 80% of Palestinian Arabs did not own any land at all. The rest of the land was government mandated, and therefore up for grabs when the British departed and the war the Palestinian Arabs started began.

So don't let the anti-Zionist revisionist history get away unchallenged. The Jewish and Arab populations in Palestine were approximately equal in terms of legal land ownership, and if the Palestinians didn't want to lose the land they were getting for the first time, they shouldn't have tried to take land from the Jews.

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Love of the Land: Talking Point Combat: The Seven Percent

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