Sunday, 11 April 2010

Elder of Ziyon: Gaza Salafist group threatens Jews

Gaza Salafist group threatens Jews

Al Hayat al Jadida (plagiarized by Firas Press) interviewed a spokesperson of one of the Salafist terror groups in Gaza.

The official, Abu Abdallah al-Ghazzi, is a member of the "Jaysh Al-Ummah" (Army of the Nation) group, one of the organizations that is pressuring Hamas from the religious standpoint. While some of the Salafist groups have apparent ties with Al Qaeda, al-Ghazzi denies that his group takes any money from them - although the group cherishes Bin Laden's activities.

al-Ghazzi said that there will be a war "against the Jews" from Southern Lebanon "at any time," but apparently not from his group. For now, Jaysh al-Ummah will be restricting its activities against Jews from Gaza.

His limiting terror attacks to Jews near Gaza is not ideological, but practical, as the group is too small (about 200 members) to attack Jewish interests worldwide right now. But in the future, he definitely wants to be able to attack Jewish and "Crusader" interests worldwide.

He also said that if there is proof that Mahmoud Abbas helps the "Jews" at all, he should be beheaded.

Elder of Ziyon: Gaza Salafist group threatens Jews

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