Friday, 7 May 2010

Love of the Land: A Milestone in Jewish Life

A Milestone in Jewish Life

Batya Medad
Shilo Musings
06 May '10

In Jewish life, prayer is daily, actually thrice daily. For those who follow Torah Law prayer isn't just when visiting a synagogue, following the instructions of the rabbi, listening and sometimes singing along with the cantor. Prayer isn't a performance to be observed. It's participatory. The traditional text is set, written in a Siddur, prayerbook.

Like the Jewish Calender which combines, synthesizes the lunar and solar calendars, our prayer is preferably said with the community, but simultaneously individually. To create a loyalty and familiarity with the prayers, it's best to have one's own siddur.

The custom in Israel, at least in the religious schools is to have a large moving ceremony to celebrate receiving a Siddur at the end of the First Grade.

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Love of the Land: A Milestone in Jewish Life

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