Friday, 7 May 2010

Israel Matzav: The Emperor has no clothes

The Emperor has no clothes

Michael Fenenbock explains why Israelis and American Jews who care about Israel ought to be rooting for change in this fall's US midterm election, and hints at how we can make it happen.

It’s certainly no over-exaggeration to say President Obama and his administration have played the mainstream Jewish leaders like a violin.

The scion of a wealthy cosmetics manufacturing Jewish family recently published a full-page open letter of complaint to President Obama about the recent Biden brouhaha. He paid to have his letter appear in several major American newspapers.

In this letter he called for understanding... but also took time to reaffirm Israel’s commitment to a two-state solution and concluded by congratulating the president for his sincerity on issues concerning Israel and peace.

I think the two-state solution will have disastrous consequences and I believe that President Obama’s hostility is deep seated and ideological.

The emperor has no clothes.

Equally demoralizing, the Israeli prime minister is guilty of listening to these voices. Fearing to antagonize the Obama administration and offering bits and pieces of appeasement he has allowed himself to become a caricature… insisting on a recent American Sunday news broadcast that there had been no disagreement between the Obama Administration and Israel.

It is common knowledge in Washington DC that, at the bidding of the president and pressure from mainstream Jewish leadership, the prime minister quietly agreed to halt building in east Jerusalem.

He does this even as the Obama Administration makes no bones about desiring a more malleable government in Israel, encouraging his domestic political opponents to all but overthrow his government.

The emperor has no clothes.

Imposing a two-state solution is at the heart of the Obama foreign policy; for the president, there has been no downside to his assault on the Jewish State. Jewish voters have not abandoned him to any significant degree and the Administration has suffered no meaningful political damage as a consequence of their policy.

Read the whole thing. And think about how we can act on it. The time for action has arrived.

Israel Matzav: The Emperor has no clothes

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