Friday, 9 April 2010

The Torah Revolution: IDF more scared of religious nationalist youth than of leftist traitors By Yekutiel Guzofski

IDF more scared of religious nationalist youth than of leftist traitors By Yekutiel Guzofski


The recent breaking of the Anat Kam spy story in Israel is very scary indeed. It is scarey, not because Anat Kam is an ordinary left of center Israeli who truly maintains an ideology that fully justifies stealing military secrets and passing it on to the media to embarrass and foil IDF operations; not because Israel’s most respected newspaper “Haaretz” published some of the stuff in the past, after she handed some 2000 documents to Haaretz correspondent Uri Blau; not because the Shin Bet and Israeli Attorney General made a crazy and dangerous deal with Blau, offering him immunity if he returns all of the stolen classified docs; not because Blau at the advice of “Haaretz” reneged on the deal and fled to England; not because the info can now easily reach the hands of hostile enemy elements, if it has not already done so; not because the Shin Bet could not find the source of the leak to the media, in spite of the fact that Anat Kam was one of only a handful of people who had access to that information in the Central Command headquarters, when she was a soldier secretary there; not because she was given clearance in the first place; not because some of the stuff effectively snuck through Israeli censorship in the past, long before she was ever arrested as a suspect; not because she was almost accepted into the Shin Bet when she applied; not because Haaretz and many of the judges and politicians and policy makers who read it see nothing wrong with Kam’s or Blau’s treasonous behavior, - BUT BECAUSE ONLY G-D KNOWS HOW MANY KAM’S THERE ARE OUT THERE WHO WOULD SELL ISRAEL OUT IN A SECOND.

But more frightening than all is the fact that dozens of loyal Israeli youth are rejected from serving in the army and thrown out of the army every month because of their religious and nationalist views, and because of their refusal to fight against fellow Jews or to expel Jews from their homes. A Jewish youth with a large scull-cap is viewed as a greater security risk than leftist traitors.

Any Jewish youth from a “settlement” is drilled by army psychologists in multiple sessions to verify that they would indeed follow orders to expel their families from their homes, however, no drilling and psychological evaluations are given to leftist youth before they are inducted into the army, to verify if they would aid the enemy.

13 year-old Jewish girls from “settlements” are arrested and held without bail together with criminals for partaking in civil-disobedience protests, while leftist adult traitors are released on bail and placed into house-arrest, as is the case with Anat Kam.

Haartez, the rest of the Israeli media, the court system and the politicians of Israel have groomed and created the Anat Kams of the world, and now the rooster has come home to roost. What will the politicians do now – what will the judges do now – arrest themselves for preaching the suicidal ideology that now has risen up against its creator in a struggle to destroy what is left of tiny Israel?

The Torah Revolution: IDF more scared of religious nationalist youth than of leftist traitors By Yekutiel Guzofski

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