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Love of the Land: Treason and Treachery by Israel's Leftists

Treason and Treachery by Israel's Leftists

Walla Gossip Reporter Anat Kamm

The Muqata
08 April '10

Today, an Israeli court ordered that the media blackout be partially lifted on the highly secretive case we reported on the other day.

Some of the newly released details are rather sordid and reveal the mindset of some of Israel's ideological leftists -- Anat Kamm, a soldier spy who illegally stole and copied to CD highly classified documents -- over 2000 of them, while serving as a soldier in the IDF's Central Command.

After leaving the IDF, Kamm became a gossip columnist for the Walla news/gossip site and passed the documents to a leftwing, agenda-driven reporter with Haaretz, Uri Blau.

Using these stolen, classified documents, Blau wrote an article in Dec. 2008 which discussed the killing of Palestinian terrorists by the IDF. Blau alleged that the army had held discussions which revealed that the IDF ignored High Court rulings in regards to the targeted killings. Blau claimed the killings were carried out following orders issued by the IDF, even in cases in which the wanted terror suspects could have been arrested.

In September 2009, Blau, via his attorney, handed the Shin Bet 50 of the stolen documents he had received from Kamm. Yet the IDF and Shin Bet's investigation revealed that Kamm had copied and later transferred more than 2,000 documents to the Haaretz reporter -- and Blau had lied to the Shin Bet when he said the 50 files was "all he had."

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Love of the Land: Treason and Treachery by Israel's Leftists

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