Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Elder of Ziyon: "Toxic plastic?"

"Toxic plastic?"

From Ma'an:

Palestinian Authority customs officers and police confiscated plastic materials smuggled from an Israeli settlement into Hebron on Tuesday.

Officer Husam Khalayleh, the head of customs in Hebron, said the goods were seized at 2:00 am in a waste disposal truck in Hebron. The truck owner, from Nablus, said he was transporting waste but after inspecting the vehicle, police found nine tons of toxic plastic materials, banned by the Health Ministry.

The head of customs said the smuggling of settlement goods into the occupied Palestinian territories was extremely dangerous.

If we are to believe Ma'an, somewhere in an evil Zionist settlement, the colonialist and imperialist Jews are churning out tons of toxic plastic.

Obviously, the only possible purpose of such plastic is to harm the Arabs. They couldn't be selling the plastic to Israelis.

It is sometimes hard to understand the business model of these Jews who run a factory dedicated to manufacturing tons of utterly useless products, but once you understand that the entire focus of Jews in the Middle East is to cause pain to the Arab population, then it all makes sense.

Elder of Ziyon: "Toxic plastic?"

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