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Love of the Land: (videos) "Solidarity With Palestine from Nakba To Intifada": George Galloway and Company#links#links#links#links#links#links

(videos) "Solidarity With Palestine from Nakba To Intifada": George Galloway and Company

Daphne Anson
17 May '11

On 13 May a discussion on the above theme was held by the so-called Equality Movement. It starred George Galloway and others who are determined to effect the demise of the Jewish State.

The first speaker was Mavi Marmara alumna Sarah Colborne, campaigns and operations director of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, promoting the lie of a massacre at Jenin and the libel of "apartheid" (among other slurs), advocating "far more cultural boycotts of Israel", pimping Ben White's notorious book Israeli Apartheid, and assuring the faithful that ending the siege on Gaza will hasten the day when all the refugees return "to a free Palestine" (a telling phrase, that, eh?)

(Warning - she does drone on, for nearly fifteen minutes ...)

Israeli anti-Zionist dupe Yael Cohen and anti-Israel activist Jody McIntyre, who wrote that truly repellent piece in the Independent that I referred to in yesterday's blogpost, also spoke, as did Dr Karma Nabulsi, an Oxford academic and former PLO representative. From the floor a young Sri Lankan speaker declared that the Tamil community in Britain "are right behind you" (i.e. the Palestine Solidarity Movement) while in fiery style an Arab speaker cried "Cut off the supply lines to the Zionist entity!".

If you're a glutton for punishment you can see all the videos (seven in all ) courtesy of You Tube. Below are a couple featuring Galloway, who's in fervent rabble-rousing form, ranting and raving about Britain and Balfour, claiming triumphantly to his hearers' delight that the number of non-Jewish true supporters of Israel has diminished exponentially since the 1970s, declaring to wild acclaim that "Palestine is an Arab country, and the Arab Revolution will not be complete until Jerusalem is the capital of another Arab country", and wishing for the "renaissance of the PLO". Where Ms Colborne is soporifically controlled, George is increasingly fire and brimstone:

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Love of the Land: (videos) "Solidarity With Palestine from Nakba To Intifada": George Galloway and Company

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