Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Love of the Land: Israel Straight Talk: The Naqba Lie

Israel Straight Talk: The Naqba Lie

Avi Abelow
Israel Straight Talk
IST #63
16 May '11

May 15th is the Anniversary of Israel's Declaration of Independence. The Arabs call the day their Naqba, or the 'catastrophe' and they blame Israel for their predicament. However, all the blame falls on them alone - The Arabs started the war in 1948, the Arabs called upon their brothers living in homes in British Mandate Palestine to leave their homes and return after the Jews are pushed into the sea, the Arabs LOST the war and the Arabs expelled around 900,000 Jews from the Arab countries.

SHARE this video to expose the Naqba lie! They had a naqba, but they can only blame themselves for the self-inflicted consequences.All questions or comments are welcome on http://www.facebook.com/israelstraighttalk

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Love of the Land: Israel Straight Talk: The Naqba Lie

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