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Love of the Land: Feiglin: Throw Achmadinijad into the Sea

Feiglin: Throw Achmadinijad into the Sea

Moshe Feiglin
Manhigut Yehudit
4 Iyar, 5771
(May 8, '11)

Translated from the NRG website

When news of Arafat's terminal illness became public, I hurriedly put up a sign on my car that read: "Kill Arafat Now." I wrote an article entitled: Quick! Kill him Before he Dies and put an ad in the newspaper with the same message. The country was up in arms. Major headlines announced that the Attorney General was considering putting me on trial (again) for sedition.

I was reminded of this entire episode after Bin Laden's assassination.

"Justice has been done," Obama declared. How unusual to hear a Western leader speak of justice. And not just any justice, but justice attained by eliminating the enemy and throwing his body into the sea. The Americans killed him before he could die. They didn't send him a computer virus to unwind his centrifuges. They dragged his body out to sea, threw it overboard and went out to celebrate the great sedition, the sweet taste of revenge, in the streets.

The Americans celebrated the stability that they found in positioning their crumbling world on the foundation of justice. They celebrated a just act of heroism that since the days of Oslo, we in Israel have been brainwashed to think is completely foolish and will ignite a war.

Obama's supporters and opponents are united now in celebrating a tiny historical moment in which they decided to be just and not necessarily smart. There will be Americans who will pay the price of the assassination – that is quite clear. There would have been many more that would have had to pay the price of surrender.

The Holocaust did not begin with the outbreak of World War II. It began six years earlier, when the German leader came into power and initiated a campaign to de-legitimize the Jews. In his venomous speeches, Hitler, may his name be blotted out, created the "Jewish Question." When a Jew is forced to justify the air that he breathes – to pay to stop the Iranian nuclear installations – the door is wide open for the physical destruction that follows.

Achmadinijad is currently following exactly the same pattern and timetable. He, like Amalek, is the first to openly speak about the destruction of Israel. He was also originally viewed as a fanatical and deranged demagogue espousing his hateful views to strengthen his local interests. In his case as well, the Jews prefer to be pragmatic, as recommended by former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan – to be practical, to deal with the technique and not with the substance.

The result is the same as over sixty years ago. Just look at the state of our existential legitimacy. Who is the demagogue and who is melting away?

"Don't be just – be smart" our Mossad Chiefs, foreign ministers and other suits and decorated officers remind us. "Why take a risk if an Iron Dome or anti-centrifugal virus can take care of the problem? Let the rest of the world fight for us. After all, it is in their best interest. What can be stupider than attacking Iran just before it will be neutralized by others?"

What they do not understand is that the real danger stems not from the nuclear weapons, but from the loss of our sense of justice, fostered by the legitimacy given to the calls to destroy us. Today, respectable universities throughout the world openly debate how the world will look without Israel. The Jewish Question of 60 years ago has morphed into the Israel Question of today.

An Israeli attack on Iran can still restore our sense of justice and save us from the destructive process that is well under way. We must learn from the Americans and throw Achmadinijad into the sea. The extent of our success does not matter. And yes, we must be willing to absorb any reaction. Achmadinijad's nuclear weapons are not the danger. The question mark that he has hung over our right to exist is. As long as we do not respond to it, the question mark will grow and grow.

When it comes to justice, you cannot lose. The results on the ground are not as important as the red line that you can once again draw for the entire world to see; the red line that says that there is no Jewish Question or Israel Question that must be solved.

It is high time to throw Achmadinijad into the sea – and to go out to celebrate in the streets.

Love of the Land: Feiglin: Throw Achmadinijad into the Sea

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