Saturday, 8 May 2010

Love of the Land: The Disconnect

The Disconnect

Todd Warnick
Jerusalem Central
06 May '10

There is simply a cultural disconnect between the US and Israel.

Here's what Obama and the Obami - and surprisingly Martin Indyk, who was not only US ambassador to Israel, but has innumerable personal ties here as well - doesn't understand: there is a concept in Israel called "tachliss", which basically is used in context of something that is judged by action as opposed to words. Here is Indyk spouting off some more of his pathetic claptrap:

"The real charm offensive needs to take place in Israel. … I would accept it was a charm offensive if he caught a plane and went over there, which he needs to do. He’s lost the Israeli public. If he were to go over there and explain to the Israeli public, it would be hugely beneficial to his objectives."

At least Martin understands that Obama has lost the Israeli public.

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Love of the Land: The Disconnect

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