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Israel Matzav: European Union funding media course in promoting Saudi plan

European Union funding media course in promoting Saudi plan

It's been 65 years since the Holocaust came to an end, and Europe continues to promote anti-Semitism as if it had never happened. The methods have changed. If once they built gas chambers or collaborated with those who did, today they are more subtle. They train 'journalists' to support positions that will - God forbid - bring about the end of the Jewish state and the demise of the largest community of Jews in the World. And if once they claimed that they were murdering Jews to promote 'racial purity,' today they claim that it's not Jews they hate but 'only' Zionists and the State of Israel, as if there is some difference between them.

Israel's News1 web site reports that the European Union is funding a course for Israeli 'journalists' (print and broadcast media) to teach them how to promote the 'Saudi plan' 'Arab peace initiative' (link in Hebrew). The Saudi plan would have Israel retreat to the 1949 armistice lines, which are indefensible, and admit millions of descendants of 'Palestinian refugees' in exchange for recognition by the Arab countries. It is a plan that Israel would have to be suicidal to accept (Hat Tip: Israel National News).

Here's my improved version of the article's Google translation:

The EU is trying to bypass the political parties, promoting diplomatic processes in the media. To this end, News1 has learned, it has prepared a training program for journalists that would last for 18 months.

In fact, what is under discussion is an 'educational series' that seeks to influence what is said and broadcast in Israel's media working from the starting point that the media is not currently pushing the advancement of peace processes proposed by the Europeans or the Arab countries.

The cost per journalist is 6,000 euros (about 30 thousand shekels!) [US$8,000 CiJ], of which 100 euro is a symbolic participation in the cost by the journalist. The project is intended for 60 journalists from Israel, 40 reporters and 20 editors from the various radio and television channels and from the various print media. In total, what is under discussion is an investment of 360,000 euros (NIS 1.8 million) [US$480,000. CiJ].

The project will include one-sided meetings, bilateral meetings, independent and joint research work preparing articles and studies for publication, and creating joint projects. It will include six daylong meetings, which include a preparatory meeting and a tour in which Israeli Arab journalists will also participate, two eight-day long binational meetings in Turkey, and a final convocation.

The declared goals are to initiate a major public debate about the Israeli - Palestinian negotiations, and to increase public support for the renewal of negotiations to reach a just and lasting permanent agreement. The main objective is to implant in the reporters a feeling of mission to advance political initiatives, and in particular the Arab peace initiative, as proposed by the Arab states.

The following entities stand behind the project: The School for Peace at Neve Shalom [more here. CiJ], WEPAC [could not find this one - maybe they meant Wespac? CiJ], and the Palestinian partner organization CCRR [more here. CiJ]. The school at Neve Shalom already works with several journalists from Israel, and currently sponsors group meetings with Palestinians that include twenty Israeli journalists, including Oshrat Kotler (Channel 10 news anchor) and Smadar Perry (of Yediot Aharonot). It has been reported that Keren Neubach (who hosts Israel Radio's morning drive time show four days per week) expressed interest in joining the meetings.

You would think that with all the social benefits Europe gives its citizens, it would have better things on which to spend its money than trying to influence the political process in Israel. You would be wrong. Israel's media elites have to get their schooling from somewhere. What happened to just reporting the news?

Israel Matzav: European Union funding media course in promoting Saudi plan

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