Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Elder of Ziyon: Gaza medics (forced to) celebrate Hamas

Gaza medics (forced to) celebrate Hamas

The medical establishment in Gaza has violently been taken over by Hamas over the years. Hospitals have turned into torture chambers, medical officials have been replaced with Hamas supporters, medical supplies have been turned into bombs, and ambulances confiscated and turned into military vehicles. Hamas has refused to receive blood from Israel and has politicized the sending of Gazans to Egypt and Israel for treatment, resulting in deaths. It arrested, tortured and humiliated doctors. It has even attacked the Red Crescent headquarters.

Keep all of this in mind when reading this Ma'an story:

The Palestinian Military Medical Services marched toward Gaza's legislative council building on Monday, marking over four years since Hamas' electoral victory in the January 2006 general elections.

Crowds of doctors, nurses, and administrative staff participated in the rally and were welcomed by a number of the Palestinian Legislative Council members in Gaza City.

Abdul Qader Al-Arbid, general director of medical services, said staff "came today to assure [the government] that the medical services stand beside Palestinian legitimacy."

Doesn't that sound like a spontaneous expression of their love for their terrorist overlords?

Elder of Ziyon: Gaza medics (forced to) celebrate Hamas

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