Thursday, 25 February 2010

Israel Matzav: The Mossad's mistake?

The Mossad's mistake?

Moshe Feiglin says that the uproar over the liquidation of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh - allegedly by the Mossad - is not going away.

Somebody in the Mossad and the echelon that authorized the Mabhouh mission is still living in the eighties. They didn't notice that the Western world, and particularly the British, no longer sees Israel as the good guy in the story. For them, Mabhouh is a freedom fighter.

If you didn't notice, Israel's most senior ministers are wanted in Europe's capitals for war crimes. No need for sophisticated electronics. All that you have to do is open your eyes to reality. If Israel's leaders are wanted for crimes against humanity, what does that say about our country? In the eyes of much of the world, Israel is no more than a pirate ship sailing on borrowed time.

The world has changed, ladies and gentlemen. Israel can no longer expect the international community to wink its eye and look the other way.

To the esteemed Meir Dagan. Please turn off your computer and your telephones - and think for a moment about Israel's place in the world today.

For once, I hope that Moshe is wrong. But having read parts of the Goldstone Report, it's very difficult to argue with him.

Israel Matzav: The Mossad's mistake?

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