Friday, 1 May 2009

Hate Speech Thriving on Internet Message Boards

Hate Speech Thriving on Internet Message Boards
The dangers and opportunities of internet message boards.

In the past, websites were merely sources of information. Now, with the advent of the next generation of internet technology known as Web 2.0, websites are increasingly interactive, allowing the user, for example, to post videos, add content and comment on news stories.

Like HonestReporting, which encourages our readers to comment on our communiques through our Backspin blog, most media websites allow their readers to comment on editorial and opinion pieces, albeit through a moderator to ensure debate does not get out of hand.

By allowing readers to have their say, comments sections provide a glimpse into the orientation of a reading community. They give people a forum for their personal views and allow them to add links to articles related to the main post. These additions can add balance to a slanted opinion piece or they can distort well-crafted arguments by promoting false or discredited information.
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Hate Speech Thriving on Internet Message Boards

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